Maximize Business Impact: Guide to Software Development Outsourcing

We live in an era where web and mobile applications offer a powerful and effective medium for communication. Web and mobile applications help create a rock-solid online presence and deliver content to their prospective clients. They are also crucial for maintaining business relationships. Businesses are, therefore, looking for web application development services best suited to their requirements. Web-based business apps, custom web apps for eCommerce, intranet and corporate portals, social computing, etc., are a few components that help expand a company’s reach. That said, not every enterprise has the required expertise and resource to get an application developed. So, they opt for remedies like outsource software and web development services, which is working big time for such businesses.

Why Outsource?

The internet and modern communication tools have opened the doors to hiring cheap and efficient resources from developing countries. Here are some benefits of software development outsourcing:

  • Outsourcing companies have a diverse talent pool with the right skill set that can help you get started with a project right away. On the contrary, if you try to get web applications developed in-house, you will have to hire, train, provide every necessary support, etc, before starting up. All of this will take too much effort and money.
  • Outsourcing will help your business avoid redundancy when going through slack periods and provide a resource buffer when the requirements peak again. You will not have to worry about scaling your employees when the requirement changes from project to project. The outsourcing companies will cater to all your needs.
  • When you outsource software development projects, you can access global talent without going through the lengthy legal compliance procedures that companies usually have to while hiring employees overseas. Your outsourcing company will take care of all such needs and paperwork.
  • Technology is an ever-changing industry. Outsourcing your application development needs provides you access to fresh talent and new perspectives around the world. It offers the opportunity of meeting people who have expertise in diverse technologies without burning a hole in your pocket.

That said, you can choose to outsource your web and mobile application development needs to different destinations based on the time zone, availability of resources, and talent pool. Learn more about which option will work best for you.

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Top Destinations to Outsource Web Development

Choosing the right country to outsource your software and web development services needs is a complex process. Top offshore outsourcing destinations include India, the Philippines, Ukraine, etc By outsourcing your mobile and web application needs, you can save a significant amount of money and get high-quality work done. However, while picking a country to outsource your software development project to, you should first weigh the pros and cons of that destination. Look at the feasibility of working with people of other countries, any potential communication gaps or bottlenecks.

Here are different software development outsourcing models that you can use.

Onshore Web Development Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing is when a business outsources its custom web or mobile application needs to a company or an individual located in the same country as the business. Initially, onshore outsourcing was the only option. Although offshore outsourcing is more commonly opted by businesses nowadays, small businesses still use onshore outsourcing.

Offshore Web Development

Offshore Outsourcing is referred to as the process of outsourcing their web and mobile application needs to service providers located in different countries. It is one of the most cost-effective techniques used by businesses. Many companies in the US and UK choose to outsource their software and web development projects services to developing countries like the Philippines, India, etc.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing is a practice of delegating work to companies located in nearby countries. Businesses choose nearshore outsourcing because of a host of advantages. It includes cultural similarities, shared time zones, and the ability to work easily with people of the same. Nearshore development firms often deliver high ROI. Moreover, you can partner with businesses that are near to your home.

Let’s see more about the advantages offered by different destinations.


When businesses think of software development outsourcing, India is the first country that comes to mind. Even the statistics have confirmed that India is the top outsourcing destination. This country is full of potential talent and is incredibly economical compared to the other developed parts of the world. India is a great choice when you are looking to outsource your tasks, and the price of the service plays a significant role. India is a proven external partner for businesses looking to get extensive projects covered at cost-effective rates.


In recent years, Eastern European countries are moving up the ladder as top outsourcing destinations. It encompasses a big pool of talent comprising experienced and well-trained developers. The wages are relatively low as compared to countries like the UK and USA. Ukraine offers a reasonable price, quality ratio. Ukraine is a good fit when businesses want to be in real-time contact with their outsourcing team.


Outsourcing projects to this country is an excellent choice for businesses looking for cost-effective destinations to get simple tasks done. One of the significant advantages of outsourcing to this destination is that the Philippines was the USA colony for 40 long years. Its western culture and language make it an ideal choice for collaboration with other businesses across the world.

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Key Reasons to Outsource Web Development

If you’ve not yet considered outsourcing your project, let’s see why you should.

Cost Savings

The first and foremost benefit of outsourcing your web development The need is you can save a considerable cost. Hiring an outsourcing firm is relatively cheaper than hiring an in-house development team. Depending on your business location, you can save anywhere between 20-70% of getting an application developed.

Focus on Key Business Activities

After finalizing a team to outsource your projects, once you have thoroughly discussed the details of work with the team, you only have to provide feedback and approve their work. Rest all is managed by the company you’re outsourcing the project to.

A competent software development company keeps its customers informed about their project’s current updates as well as manages the resources and infrastructure. Hence, by outsourcing your project, you can devote time to other core business operations like marketing, establishing networks, promotion, sales, etc.

Reach Out to Top Experts

The chances are that your web development project requires technological aptitude that you and your team lack. For instance, if you want AR, VR functionality in your application, such developers are challenging to discover locally. Moreover, local specialists will charge massive amounts compared to overseas developers. Outsourcing offers ease of accessing talented web developers for your project at pocket-friendly rates.

Give the Project to Up-To-Date Workers

When hiring an outsourcing firm for your web development project, you will not have to invest in developers’ training and growth. You can simply pick specialists to get your work done. Outsourcing companies already have the resources and infrastructure that you need. If there is a need to revamp their experience at all, the outsourcing company will deal with it.

Speed Up the Development Process

Time is money for any business. In a software development outsourcing model, you can readily access the best developers at competitive rates without having to spend a penny on their training. When you work with an outsourcing team, you can launch your project quickly in the market.


The majority of the professional outsourcing companies engaged in web development work complying with the most flexible methodologies. The frameworks they use include Kanban, Scrum, etc. Such frameworks divide the entire project into smaller portions. The team organizes the project to make obliged pivots and diversify staff accordingly to the specific needs.

Scalability of Web Project

Scaling a web development project is effortless with your offshore development team. These teams have plenty of resources, making it feasible for them to add a workforce depending on peak periods and work capacity. To do so at your workplace, you will have to look for additional web developers, hire and onboard them to the project.

Pick a Staff that is Located in One Place

Hiring all necessary specialists is one of the main advantages of outsourcing web development needs. It enables your business to facilitate the process of cooperation. The outsourced team is already well-coordinated and ready-made who comprehends each other very well.

Risk Management and Mitigation

One of the major concerns people have in the outsourcing model is limited control and uncertainty. To your surprise, when you choose the right outsourcing firm that follows adequate communication guidelines and has competent web developers, you won’t have to worry even for an ounce.

Business Support

Web development outsourcing companies usually look for long-term business associations with their clients. Hence, they’re committed to serving you with the best. Right from ideation to support and maintenance, they work as an extension of your own team.

Don’t Worry About Security

Outsourced software development services always full proof their systems and processes against any potential malware and scams. A competent and professional team will ensure that your web application’s entire process and codes remain secured. Several keep the source codes in the repository that is privately hosted and powered by GitLab. They also track project documentation in secured services such as Google Drive confluence.

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You can choose to outsource your web development needs and obtain tons of benefits. If you’re wondering how you can outsource your web development project, here are 3 simple stems that you must follow.

3 Simple Steps to Outsource Web Development

1. Define Clear Business Goals Before Using Outsourcing

Before finalizing your web development team’s choice, you should define your project’s entire concept and comprehend the objectives that you would like to achieve. Along with it, know the needs of your project. Web Development projects are executed in distinct ways and also apply different procedures and technical stacks. Hence, it is integral for you to do your homework.

  • Establish a comprehensive description of your development project.
  • Jot down the objectives pertained to your web development project.
  • Develop a list of questions that will help you in the pre-screening process of your project.
  • Decide the budget that you are ready to allocate to your web development project.

2. Look for a Reliable Web Development Outsourcing Provider

After vetting what you need from your business and technicalities, pick an outsourcing provider who will cater to your needs. You can do so by checking a few platforms by GoodFirms,, Manifest, etc. Also, you will only find top web development service providers listed on such sites. You can also check for your potential web development partner on freelancing platforms such as,, and so on

Before you choose to hire a web development company, it is crucial to check every possible detail. Hence, you must check their technical capabilities, experience, reviews, portfolio, and profile on professional platforms like Dribble, Behance, etc.

3. Communicate Effectively During the Entire Development Lifecycle

Communication is the most crucial aspect of the process of web development outsourcing. You should take different time zones, work schedules, and a list of holidays into consideration. We live in a digital era where we have many effective communication tools such as slack, skype, etc. These tools help to align the web development processes in the best possible way.

Professional web development outsourcing service provider allocate project control to project managers who get the work done and report regular updates of projects to respective clients.

When you outsource your software development project, it is crucial to maintain quality control to ensure that things are as per your preferences.

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Maintaining Quality When Outsourcing

Set up the right procedures to ensure that your outsourcing team meets the quality standards. There are three essential things that you should consider:

  1. Who is doing your work?
  2. What are your expectations?
  3. How are you meeting contingencies?

1. Who is Doing your Work?

When you opt to outsource your web development project, there are two routes through which you need to take care of: hiring an agency and hiring a freelancer.

Usually, people avoid hiring freelancers because of the lack of accountability and experience and like to hire agencies as they have a diverse talent pool and have systematic processes in place. They also have on-site supervisors to ensure that your work is done timely. Hence, you must go to an agency instead of a freelancer.

2. What are your expectations?

To ensure a smooth outsourcing experience, you should set the right expectation from your team right from the beginning. There are a few elements you should set expectations for:

  • Timeline: The amount of time you expect your project to take.
  • Communication: The frequency on which you want updates of your project. How many times or how often?
  • Depth of Work: The output you expect, the technology stack, the designs, etc.?
  • Resources: What can you provide your outsourcing team to get your work done? This may include the programs or templates that you have used in the past to achieve the desired results.

3. How are you meeting contingencies?

You should have a designated common platform to communicate with your outsourcing team. Encourage them to use the same channel you’re using in-house, whether it’s slack, google hangouts, skype, or any other medium. It is better to split your entire project into smaller parts, so it becomes easy to set deadlines and keep a check on them.

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How to Deal with a Timezone Difference in Outsourcing Web/Software Development?

Outsourcing comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the significant drawbacks, as stated earlier, is managing different time zones. Luckily, there are several ways in which your business can deal with it.

Set Clear Requirements

When your remote team works in a different time zone, it’s best to have clear project management documents written. It ensures that all the parties are on the same page and carry the same vision. A few crucial facets that should be written include source codes to ensure seamless cooperation and assigned tasks to different IT specialists.

Visualize Overlap Hours

Remembering the time difference every time is challenging in software development outsourcing, especially when there is a need for an update or advice from the remote team. There are chances that they could be sleeping. Day-to-day processes ease when you use shared calendars with your teams and discuss overlapping hours. Hanging different clocks with hours of the respective country at the office is one of the best ways. It often allows employees to learn the difference in time by heart.

Set-Up communication Channels

Develop a communication system for both your in-house and outsourcing team. Along with that, ensure that both teams follow a unified communication channel. Using one tool by team A and another by team B, or setting conferences on one tool and sending updates on another, is confusing and slows down the entire process. One communication channel makes it easier to stay updated and track changes.

Fix Regular Meeting Upfront

Setting unexpected meetings is often challenging when working with offshore developers. Hence, it is advisable always to set regular meetings upfront. It can be to get quick updates once a day or once a week. Don’t forget to choose meeting time wisely. Setting up too early in the morning or later in the evening may not be feasible for everyone.

Use Project Management Tools

Just as using one communication tool is beneficial, picking a project management tool also makes your job easy. Several cloud tools Jira, Asana, Kissflow enable all team members to work collaboratively on a single file so that everyone gets to know about the changes. It saves you from chaos and potential mistakes.

Trust Your Team

One of the essential things, when you outsource software development projects to an external team, is to choose your team wisely. Don’t fall for teams that offer low development costs. While it may be tempting, these teams most likely lack experience and may end up spoiling your project.

Hence, you need to be extremely careful while partnering with a firm. After finding a reliable software development firm, you should trust them. Developers will themselves make a shift to report progress made in your project.

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Do you want to work with reliable web development teams that encompass professionals? Pick the best web development service provider with the help of a few tips.

How to Outsource your Web Development Needs Successfully?

Know what you want

Find the right company. Outsourcing can be a pain if you are not aware of what you want to achieve. Web development outsourcing services consist of several tasks, and each one should be approached strategically. Some specialize in mobile development, and they create state-of-the-art apps. Others are great with design and WordPress. Before hiring a company, check their previous projects and see if they match with the one you have in mind.

Communication is Key

Communication is a tricky aspect of outsourcing web development services. Work schedule, different work zones, and availability are three elements that are tough to control. You can enhance communication with the remote team by putting in a little effort and using the right tools. To take your business to the next level, ensure excellent communication to outsource software development projects and tasks successfully.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

Input from the customers is one of the most valuable resources for an outsourcing company. Through feedback, the company knows when their customer is not happy and when they need to pay more attention, specifically on something. Don’t be afraid and speak your mind so that your project goes well.

Ask Questions

Envision your entire project and imagine any obstacles that you think may arise. You don’t want any surprises. You can quickly get rid of this by creating a list of questions. Try to know more about the company and its value propositions. Get answers to some tricky questions so that you know you are dealing with the best

Have a Project Manager

Outsourced projects should have project managers who supervise all moving aspects and keep everyone in the loop. The project manager in outsourcing projects communicates with the respective company. Proactive management processes for any issue that arises ensure that they are resolved at the earliest.

Start with small tasks

It is more suitable to outsource few tasks than others. People often make the mistake of starting big with their outsourced projects. When outsourcing software development for the first time, you should always start small. It gives a clear idea about the abilities of a company. Move slowly and gradually begin committing.

Have a Contract

The cost of your outsourced project is justified by the fact that they will support you and maintain records of your project, even if the developer resigns. One of the significant benefits includes having insurance for the code used by the outsourcing firm. This way, you can get reimbursements if something crashes. Lack of the contract may result in disagreements and battles.

Outsourcing web development services is not difficult when you follow all the crucial rules. The secret of getting it right lies in communication and management.

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